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Though we have support by the Lake County School District, the financial needs of our Panther Bands far outweigh our county funding. In order to keep our commitment to excellence, the Music Association of Eustis works to raise funds to cover all necessary expenses including transportation to sporting events and competitions, uniform purchase and upkeep, instruments, repairs, expert clinicians and instructional programs for the students, and more.

We are looking for partners to support our Eustis High School Golden Panther Band Program. Will you consider making a donation to support this vital endeavor?

As a Marching Band Sponsor you will receive:

  • Mentions at all 2024 EHS home football games

  • Inclusion in the trailer fence sponsorship banner, facing the football stadium

  • Stage mention at the 2024 EHS Winter Concert

  • Mention on the front page of the Eustis HS Band Website, through 2024

  • Additional perks for higher tiers of giving

    • Silver ($500 or more):  2 Tickets to the 2025 Eustis Jazz Revue Concert​

    • Gold ($1000 or more): 4 Tickets to the 2025 Eustis Jazz Revue Concert, more prominent banner and program mentions

    • Platinum ($2500 or more): 8 Tickets to the 2025 Eustis Jazz Revue Concert, Recognition Plaque, recognition on EHS Band Trailer, more prominent banner and program mentions, and a Song Sponsorship spot for the 2025 Eustis Jazz Revue Concert

Become a Marching Band Sponsor today!

*NOTE: We use the platform Zeffy to process our payments, which allows us to collect 100% of your gift. You will have an option to support Zeffy, who incurs the digital charges on our behalf. This is OPTIONAL. You can customize the amount by selecting "other" or choose to decline it by entering "0" as your amount. 

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